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The purpose of this group is to inform and stimulate debate on relevant areas of policy affecting the UK housing market; to promote the importance of the delivery of new homes across all tenures; and to introduce parliamentarians to those involved in delivering housing and other experts and practitioners in the field.

Government has a duty to ensure people living in the UK have decent, secure and affordable homes to live in

“This group has been formed by parliamentarians who share a belief in the importance of building new homes, and want to raise housing high up the political agenda. Despite decades of discussion and countless policy initiatives, the UK housing crisis remains. Successive, well-meaning policy interventions in the housing market have created a complex web of unintended consequences, leading to unnecessary delay, uncertainty and cost in the home-building process. 

The planning process is adversarial, bureaucratic and fails to deliver the homes that local communities want. The crisis will not be fixed by any single organisation or group: councils, housing associations, developers, estate agents, and contractors each have a vital role in the development of a properly functioning housing market which can deliver improved housing choices, and the mix of homes that British people need.

We believe the government has a duty to ensure people living in the UK have decent, secure and affordable homes to live in, but we don’t believe that the government or parliament can solve this problem on its own. House-building is a very complex process, involving many parties. The APPG will operate by forging a new network of organisations committed to this vision. We are committed to developing much stronger relations between parliament and business leaders based on a shared agenda of building the quality homes and communities that the UK needs. 

We look forward to playing an active role through providing a forum for information sharing, balanced policy debate and the development of new relationships and partnerships. We intend to pursue this agenda vigorously, putting party ideology aside, in order to act as a clear voice calling for urgent government action to tackle the housing crisis. Now is the time for a bold, coherent and cross-party approach. We encourage all organisations involved with delivering housing to contact us, join our new network, and take part in our consultations.”

We are supported in our work by our Secretariat, College Green Group. If you wish to know more about how you and your business can be involved in the work of the Group, please contact:



All officers were elected at the inaugural meeting held 20th July 2022.

Ben Everitt MP

Ben Everitt MP

Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Housing Market & Housing Delivery.


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On the 31st of March the APPG transferred many of its activities, including roundtable meetings and its monthly newsletter, to the Policy Liaison Group on Housing Market & Housing Delivery. You can find all the group’s roundtable summaries, minutes and reports until the 31st of March 2024 on this site.