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Roundtable on Planning and Housing in London with Tom Copley, Deputy Mayor of London for Housing and Residential Development

6 March 2024

This meeting sought to delve into the successes and challenges experienced by the GLA with regards to planning and meeting the ever-growing demand for affordable housing in London. Tom Copley credited the successes of City Hall to its delivery partnership programmes, collaboration with London’s Councils and a productive London Plan.


The NPPF and LURA – What’s on the horizon?

28 February 2024

The recent meeting of the All-Party Parliamentary Group delved into critical issues shaping the future of planning. The discussion highlighted the lack of a universal approach to strategic planning, resulting in challenges in facilitating fair growth, addressing environmental concerns, and meeting housing demands effectively. Concerns were raised regarding the slow pace of planning processes exacerbated by new regulations and the need for targeted resourcing.


Roundtable on Planning, Partnerships, and Economic Growth with Kate Willard OBE, Chair of the Thames Estuary Growth Board

5 December 2023

The APPG held a roundtable meeting with the Chair of the Thames Estuary Growth Board and Thames Estuary Envoy, Kate Willard OBE. The Thames Estuary is the most significant UK government-backed growth opportunity with the potential to build 1 million homes and create 1.3 million jobs. The meeting aimed to discuss the merits of public and private sector partnerships in stimulating economic growth, as well as Kate’s work in going above and beyond to deliver fair and green investment to the Thames Estuary.


Roundtable on Housing and Planning with Steve Norris, former Government Minister and Chairman of Soho Estates

29 November 2023

The APPG convened a roundtable on housing and planning, where pivotal issues concerning the current state and future trajectory of the housing landscape were thoroughly examined.


Roundtable on Biodiversity Net Gain with Alan Carter, Chief Executive of the Land Trust

28 November 2023

The APPG’s meeting with Alan Carter explored Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG), how the industry can navigate it and what the potential opportunities and challenges are.


Roundtable on Local Authorities and Planning with Cllr Darren Rodwell, Leader of Barking & Dagenham Council

18 October 2023

The APPG’s meeting with Cllr Darren Rodwell underscored the urgent need for increased affordable housing in London and the UK as a whole. The discussion highlighted that the current rate of housing completions falls far short of the demand, with London facing a dire homelessness crisis. The allocation of grant money and the infrastructure levy came under scrutiny, with concerns about their effectiveness and the financial strain on local authorities. Overall, the meeting emphasised the need for a comprehensive and collaborative approach to address the housing crisis and the importance of a national dialogue to drive progress.


Roundtable on Homes England’s 2023-28 Strategic Plan with Peter Freeman, Chair of Homes England

19 September 2023

The APPG met with Peter Freeman, Chair of Homes England, to discuss the agency’s new Strategic Plan which has pivoted the agency’s focus to regeneration and placemaking. The meeting brought together a diverse group of housing industry stakeholders, each with unique interests and concerns. These ranged from the need to accelerate housing delivery to considerations about social rent viability, supported housing for individuals with disabilities, and the broader social impact of housing, including employment and skills development.


Roundtable on the Healthy Homes principles with Lord Crisp KCB, Crossbench Peer

20 July 2023

The APPG convened a highly insightful roundtable discussion with Lord Nigel Crisp KCB. The primary focus of the meeting was to explore the Healthy Homes principles and to examine their potential implications for the housing sector. Participants from various organisations and sectors engaged in a thought-provoking dialogue concerning the intersection of health and housing.


Income and expenditure statement 2023

20 July 2023

2023 AGM Minutes

19 July 2023

Roundtable with Rachel Maclean MP, Minister for Housing and Planning

20 June 2023

Rachel Maclean MP, Minister for Housing and Planning since February2023, met industry leaders to discuss a range of issues surrounding housing and planning. The group discussed decarbonisation andNutrient Neutrality, how the planning system could be streamlined for faster results, and the challenges of affordability for renters and landlords across the country. The Minister also kindly provided the group with an update on the Renters (Reform) Bill, the Levelling Up andRegeneration Bill, and the Government’s 2023 housing targets.


Roundtable Meeting on Housing and Planning with Clive Betts MP

16 May 2023

The APPG met with Clive Betts MP, Chair of the Commons Levelling Up, Housing and Communities Committee, for an all encompassing discussion to examine key aspects of policy related to the housing market and housing delivery. Issues discussed ranged from recent planning policy changes, constraints to social housing through to Nutrient Neutrality and the Infrastructure Levy.


Roundtable meeting with Lee Rowley MP, Minister for Local Government and Building Safety

20 February 2023

The group met with the Minister for Local Government and Building Safety, Lee Rowley MP, for a roundtable discussion on building safety, building regulations, and the pressures to generate new housing supply. The participants also discussed the impact of ever changing government policy on the industry and expressed concerns about the potential contraction in the sector’s delivery.


Roundtable with Hashi Mohamed, Planning Barrister, Broadcaster and Author

16 January 2023

Hashi Mohamed, top ranked planning barrister and author of ‘A Home of One’s Own’ met with industry leaders to discuss reforming the planning system and recent updates to the Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill. The discussion covered issues including the provision of affordable housing, the wider economic impact of planning reform, the role the Levelling Up agenda can play in ensuring better outcomes for communities across the UK as well as numerous other issues.


Roundtable with Vicki Spiers and Nicola Pitts, Chair and Chief Executive of the Independent Networks Association

11 January 2023

Vicki Spiers, Chair and Nicola Pitts, Chief Executive of the Independent Networks Association (INA) joined industry leaders to discuss the Future Homes Standards paper by the INA. The discussion also covered issues with supply and distribution, GDPR issues that are presented in relation to smart homes and alternative energy solutions and the framework needed in advance.


Roundtable with Richard Blakeway, Housing Ombudsman

21 November 2022

Roundtable with Mark Bogard, CEO of Family Building Society and Chairman of the Building Societies Association

7 November 2022

Roundtable with Jonathan Walters, Deputy Chief Executive at the Regulator of Social Housing

25 October 2022

Income and expenditure statement 2022

20 July 2022

2022 AGM Minutes

20 July 2022

Roundtable with Lee Rowley MP

28 June 2022

Roundtable with Lord Callanan

3 May 2022

Roundtable with Sir John Hayes MP

26 April 2022

Roundtable with Peter Freeman

25 February 2022

Roundtable with Robert Colville

21 February 2022

Roundtable with Christopher Katkowski QC

8 February 2022

Roundtable with Baroness Neville-Rolfe

25 January 2022

Roundtable with Samuel Hughes

18 January 2022

Roundtable with Richard Collins

13 January 2022

Roundtable with Lucy Powell MP

24 November 2021

Roundtable with Fiona MacGregor

29 September 2021

Roundtable with Eddie Hughes MP

15 September 2021

2021 AGM Minutes

21 July 2021

Income and expenditure statement 2021

20 July 2021

2020 Inaugural meeting

20 July 2020

On the 31st of March the APPG transferred many of its activities, including roundtable meetings and its monthly newsletter, to the Policy Liaison Group on Housing Market & Housing Delivery. You can find all the group’s roundtable summaries, minutes and reports until the 31st of March 2024 on this site.