The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Housing Market & Housing Delivery produces reports to discuss key issues relating to the housing industry. These reports include submissions from our advisory board members as well as other key stakeholders. If you would like to work with the APPG to commission a report, please contact:

Hacking Housing: Nine supply side hacks to fix our housing system error

28 September 2023

No one doubts the need to reform the housing market. Everyone argues about how, and to what extent. For decades we’ve recognised that our housing market is a political priority, but unfortunately that’s led to years of government interventions that have made it worse. Our market doesn’t operate like a market. It doesn’t have the common features of a market economy: supply does not meet demand, innovation does not lead to growth or efficiency. We broke it, we brought it. It’s up to the Government to fix it.

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Joint inquiry with the APPG on Ending Homelessness into Housing Solutions for Homeless Households

10 July 2023

Following their joint inquiry into repurposing commercial properties to become residential, the APPGs for Housing Market & Delivery and Ending Homelessness found that there is significant potential for housing supply to be increased this way, providing there are safeguards in place to ensure that the homes delivered are of high quality and genuinely affordable.

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Report on the Performance of the Planning System, January 2023

January 2023

The Chair of the APPG for Housing Market& Housing Delivery, Ben Everitt MP, recently hosted a meeting with leading practitioners in the housing market to discuss the performance of the planning system.

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Joint inquiry into Housing Solutions for Homeless Households – Rethinking Conversions

January 2023

APPG for Ending Homelessness and APPG for Housing Market & Housing Delivery – Joint inquiry into Housing Solutions for Homeless Households – Rethinking Conversions. Draft Terms of Reference


A Fair Housing Market for All

March 2021

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Housing Market & Housing Delivery has published a report “A Fair Housing Market for All” which synthesises submissions received from thirty-seven housing industry experts. Fourteen of the experts also presented detailed personal testimony to APPG officers over four days of oral-evidence sessions in October and November 2020.

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Report on the Barriers & Bottlenecks to Greater Housing Delivery

March 2021

In August 2020 the APPG opened a consultation into the UK housing market to answer the question: “What are the challenges of delivering the required number and mix of housing units that the UK needs to meet current and future demand?”

2,897 formal responses were received, from a wide range of stakeholders, including planners, house builders, housing associations and landowners.

In addition, over four days of oral-evidence sessions in October and November, APPG officers heard detailed personal testimony from fourteen industry leaders.


  • The industry is divided on the viability of the UK Government’s 300,000 target. Roughly half (49%) of the respondents said they did not believe the government’s target to deliver 300,000 homes a year was feasible, compared with 41% who believed it could be achieved.
    Considerable scepticism about the potential of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC). Only 20% of respondents thought it would play a significant role.
  • Planning remains the biggest hindrance to housing delivery.
    The industry is very positive about net-zero, with 71% of respondents believing that net-zero requirements for new-build will help the delivery of quality homes.

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On the 31st of March the APPG transferred many of its activities, including roundtable meetings and its monthly newsletter, to the Policy Liaison Group on Housing Market & Housing Delivery. You can find all the group’s roundtable summaries, minutes and reports until the 31st of March 2024 on this site.